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Glow and Throw UFO™ flying disc are the frisbee product of the future!

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Due its unique concept, its novelty, entertainment value and appeal, the Glow and Throw UFO™ illuminated flying disc is now being marketed and sold worldwide. On 12/25/07, Glow and Throw UFO™ flying disc passed the ASTM F963-03 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety.

In October of 2007, our manufacturer out of Beijing, China recently introduced the Glow and Throw UFO™ at the Canton Fair. As many know, the Canton Fair is the largest and most popular product tradeshow in all of Asia. The 'Glow and Throw UFO™' was welcomed at the Canton Fair with great success and terrific reviews by wholesalers, distributors and others in attendance as they witnessed the uniqueness of this illuminated frisbee, the flying disc of the future.

The Glow and Throw UFO™ flying disc is patented in the United States by Bryan W. Stamos. Licensing rights are exclusively owned by Bryan W. Stamos (U.S. Patent #5,536,195). This is a liability insured product and the name Glow and Throw UFO™ is trademarked.

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