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How Glow and Throw UFO Works

The Glow and Throw UFO™ can be customized to produce unlimited three-dementional, colorful, illuminated shapes.  This patented light glowing disc is perfect for frisbee games, day and night disc throwing. 

Challenge the imagination!

Throw the disc in a low light environment and enjoy the awesome light display.  Simply bend the glow light to activate it and insert both ends of the glow light through the holes of the disc. For best results, arrange the glow lights evenly on the flying disc. Try one glow light in the center of the disc first. Then once you get the hang of it, use your imagination and be amazed at all the flying colorful UFO shapes and designs you can create. The plastic couplers are to connect the glow lights together. See our examples of how you can insert the lights to create a UFO effect.

Click to see some amazing examples of the shapes and designs you can create!


1. Not recommended for children under 6 years of age.

2. Before throwing, always insert both ends of the glow lights through the holes of the disc.

3. Do not severely bend, crimp or kink the glow lights. It may cause leakage.

4. Throw in daylight or low light environment so the disc can be seen at all times.

5. Do not allow light ends to extend beyond the perimeter of the disc.

6. Glow light ingredients are non-toxic & non-flammable but may permanently stain clothes.

7. Contact with skin or eyes may cause temporary discomfort. If contact with skin or eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.

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