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Glow and Throw UFO™ is an exciting product from Stamos Enterprises, a company established and operated out of Lodi, California since 1988.  Bryan W. Stamos is the company owner and the inventor of the Glow and Throw UFO™, the ultimate flying frisbee product of the future.

Mr. Stamos came up with the concept of the Glow and Throw UFO™ because of his passion and love for throwing the frisbee and playing frisbee games.

What is so unique?

Compared to all other frisbees on the market, with Glow and Throw UFO™ you can create hundreds of various colorful UFO shapes and designs, and enjoy watching them fly.

The Glow and Throw UFO™ not only challenges the imagination of a child but the child within us all.  While providing fun and exercise there is no other product on the market like it.

Interested wholesalers, distributors & retailers, please call or email us for product information and pricing.

Glow and Throw UFO™

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